US-based OLED inkjet startup Kateeva announced that it is expanding its facilities to create a dedicated manufacturing space - to build YIELDjet OLED ink-jet printing systems. The company aims to deploy YIELDjet systems in the "near future". The company also hired a new senior VP for customer satisfaction.

After years of development, Kateeva finally unveiled their OLED inkjet systems in November 2013. During the unveiling, we discussed Kateeva's technology and business with Dr. Conor Madigan, the company's President and Co-founder.

Kateeva already has R&D tools deployed at customers sites in Asia, but now they are focused on commercial systems. We know that the company is building a Gen-8 system that can be configured as either mass production or a pilot tool. It is estimated that the first shipments will be of pilot line tools.

In the pilot configuration, the first layer would be printed, the substrate would move to a drying and baking system, and then the substrate would be returned to the printer for printing of the second layer, and so on. The system is aimed towards large-sized OLED panels (for OLED TV applications).

When we deliver this system, we expect that it will be provided in the pilot configuration.

Disclosure: Kateeva is an OLED-Info sponsor

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