Kateeva doubles its manufacturing space in order to meet the demand for its OLED inkjet systems

OLED ink-jet developer Kateeva announced that it expanded its headquarters in silicon valley - in fact it doubled its manufacturing space in order to meet the demand for its inkjet systems.

Kateeva YIELDJet TFE system photo

Kateeva leased a new building adjacent to its HQ adding 75,000 sq. ft - mostly for manufacturing and business operations. Kateeva's current headcount has reached 330 people as orders for its YieldJet systems soared.

Kateeva started to offer ink-jet based encapsulation systems in 2014, and in September 2016 the company announced that it enjoys a "commanding lead" in the OLED thin-film encapsulation (TEF) market, securing the vast majority of available TFE orders. Kateeva's systems are used to deposit the organic TFE layers, while the in-organic ones are usually deposited using PeCVD or ALD systems.

In May 2016 Kateeva raised $88 million from China-based investors (including BOE Display and TCL Capital) - which brought the total funds raised by Kateeva to over $200 million. The company is now gearing up to provide OLED TV ink-jet production systems to display makers. Last year we posted an interesting interview with Kateeva's Chief Product Officer Eli Vronsky - with an overview of the company’s product strategy and an updates on the technology and business.

Posted: Mar 09,2017 by Ron Mertens