The Kairos Smartwatch is a mechanical watch that has a transparent OLED on top. The OLED is a 1.4" (diameter) full color round PMOLED (40% transparent). The watch has an ARM Cortex M4 CPU (a model with an Intel CPU is coming too), a 180mAh battery (should be enough for 5-7 days as display won't be used to display the time), a 3-axis accelerometer and Bluetooth 4. It runs on Kairos' own smartOS (compatible with both Android an iOS) - but Android Wear OS will be available too.

Interestingly, Kairos says that they will also offer the same watches but with a different display: an icon-type transparent display that will only show static icons, numbers and text. This one will offer 60% transparency.

Kairos will offer several models, from $499 to $2,149. You can already pre-order the watches with some nice discounts. Deliveries will start in December 2014 (on some of the models).

OLED type: 

1.4" full-color transparent PMOLED



Who supplies the circular transparent OLED?

I've seen Karios concept online. Although interesting to feature here, I wonder who the supplier is of the OLED? That would be valid info to have on your site.

I agree, but unfortunately I

I agree, but unfortunately I do not know the supplier...

Thank you for the reply

Does anyone make round OLEDs?


since the Motorola Moto 360 is also round. :)

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