Japan Display sees OLED as their long-term display technology of choice

Japan Display's OLED R&D manager Masahiko Suzuki discussed the company's AMOLED program during a conference in Japan. Masahiko explains (see slide below) that for the medium-term, the small/medium display maker is focused on high-res LCD panels (over 500 PPI), but for the long term the main focus will be on OLED displays.

JDI sees OLED as a way to create a new market for flexible, transparent and roll-to-roll printed displays. JDI is set to develop flexible OLEDs and later on high-resolution OLEDs. JDI is using LG's WRGB technology which enables them to achieve a high resolution and a lower power consumption on mainly-white images (such as a web browser). But currently JDI sees OLEDs as still too expensive, and there are still issues with lifetime and uniformity.

In 2013 JDI announced that they decided to build a pilot OLED display manufacturing line (4.5-Gen fab, 730x920 mm, capacity of 4,000 substrates a month) in its Ishikawa Plant. The company aimed to start small-scale production in the spring of 2014.

Earlier in 2013 JDI unveiled a new 5.2" Full-HD (423 ppi) OLED panel, using an WRGB structure and an LTPS backplane. When JDI was formed in 2011, OLED was already considered to be the 'core technology' of the next generation small size and medium size displays.

Posted: May 01,2014 by Ron Mertens


actually it has name "whitemagic", which is first announced by sony and appied on lcd screens