In a rather confusing presentation, Japan Display's COO Shuji Aruga stated that JDI aims to increase its non-smartphone display panel business to $4.05 billion by 2019 (up threefold from 2014). According to Digitimes, OLED displays will amount to almost 40% of that, or about $1 billion.

JDI OLED revenue forecast chart 2014-2019

It's not entirely clear what is meant by that figure... are these OLEDs for non-smartphone applications? Most companies are targeting OLED for smartphones, actually. According to the figure above, OLEds will only take up about 33% of their non mobile-display market, anyway, and not 40% as was reported by Digitimes. It's not that we actually put a lot of faith in 5 year forecasts anyway.

In August 2014, JDI (together with Sony and Panasonic) launched a new company called JOLED (Japan OLED) with an aim to become an OLED medium display producer - focusing at first on OLEDs for tables, laptops and signage). It was supposed to JOLED will take over all of JDI's OLED efforts. A report from Korea's ETNews claims that Apple has contracted JOLED to produce OLED displays for next-gen iPad tablets.

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