Japan Display to convert a 6-Gen LTPS fab to AMOLED?

Last week we reported that Japan Display (the new small/medium display maker that merged Sony, Hitachi and Toshiba's businesses) may consider to accelerate OLED mass production in a $2.7 billion investment in R&D and production. JD also bought Panasonic's Mobara 6-Gen a-Si LCD plant.

Today we hear reports that JD will convert the new plant to LTPS, and will later use this plant to produce AMOLED displays. It seems that those plans aren't final, but JD's CEO said that the company could start mass producing OLEDs by 2013. If JD does decide to convert that 6-Gen plant to AMOLED production, this will be the largest AMOLED plant currently planned for small/medium panels (Samsung and LG are both building 8-Gen plants, but these will be used for OLED TV panels).

Posted: Nov 20,2011 by Ron Mertens