Taiwan's ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) is a national research organization, with a mission of conducting technological research, promoting industrial development, creating economic value and improving social welfare for Taiwan. ITRI, founded in 1973, is the largest applied technology R&D institution in Taiwan.

ITRI is involved with AMOLED technology and seems to be focused currently on flexible OLEDs and efficient blue OLED emissive materials. It also has active research on e-paper displays.

In 2016 ITRI demonstrated foldable and rollable OLED technologies, as ITRI become's Taiwan's main facilitator for flexible OLED commercialization.

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The latest ITRI OLED news:

ITRI shows 30 new OLED lamp designs and automotive OLED prototypes

Taiwan's ITRI showcased over 30 new OLED lighting lamp designs, it co-developed with the Taiwan Lighting Fixture Export Association (TLFEA). ITRI also demonstrated a new automotive OLED lighting prototype it co-developed with Ta Yih, which you can see below.

ITRI & Ta Yih automotive oled lighting prototype (Taiwan 2016)

ITRI is reportedly building a Roll-to-Roll (R2R) R&D pilot line to produce flexible OLED lighting panels on flexible glass substrates. The line will be operative by 2017, and will be able to produce about 700 panels per month.

ITRI is building a flexible OLED lighting roll-to-roll pilot line

According to Digitimes, Taiwan's ITRI is building a Roll-to-Roll (R2R) R&D pilot line to produce flexible OLED lighting panels. The line will be operative by 2017, and will be able to produce about 700 panels per month.

Flexible OLED lighting prototype (ITRI, 2016)

ITRI's new OLEDs will be based on flexible glass substrates. Back in 2012 ITRI collaborated with Corning to develop a full roll-to-roll process on 100um flexible glass Willow glass substrates. It's likely that the new line will also use Corning's Willow glass.

ITRI developed a highly efficient blue OLED emitter based on plasmon-coupled green PHOLED

Taiwan's ITRI research institute developed a long-lasting OLED blue emitter. The researchers used a green phosphorescent emitter with a new double metal structure - that emits a blue light. The so-called Plasmon-Coupled Organic Light Emitting Diode (PCOLED) structure's lasts 27 times as long as a blue fluorescent emitter.


The researchers explain that a regular green phosphorescent emitter always emits a very weak emission. By using the double-metal structure, more plasmons are generated which means a larger blue emission. This is not an up-conversion process - but merely a change in conditions within the green material. This condition was actually discovered by accident.

CPT expects to mass produce flexible AMOLEDs by 2017

Earlier this month we reported that Taiwan's Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT) signed an agreement with ITRI for a technology transfer for flexible AMOLED and touch panel integration. Today we hear that CPT expects to start mass producing such flexible touch AMOLEDs by 2017.

CPT has an existing pilot 4.5-Gen AMOLED fab (used to produce AMOLEDs in small volume) - and reportedly they will either convert this line to flexible AMOLED or somehow integrate it with ITRI's 2.5-Gen flexible AMOLED line. CPT will also aim to use IGZO backplanes for AMOLED production.

ITRI demonstrate new flexible, foldable and rollable OLED prototypes

Taiwan's ITRI demonstrated several new flexible OLED prototypes at Touch Taiwan. As promised a few weeks ago, ITRI demonstrated a 7" flexible OLED touch panel prototype. The panel has been developed in collaboration with Heraeus which integrated its Clevios PEDOT conductive polymer based touchpanel.

ITRI/Heraeus 7'' flexible touch OLED prototype photo (Aug 2015)

ITRI also exhibited a z-fold 7.1" Full-HD (310 PPI) AMOLED prototype that can be folded both inward and outward. The bending radius is 5 mm.

CPT to achieve flexible AMOLED mass production with aid from ITRI

Taiwan's Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT) signed an agreement with ITRI for a technology transfer for flexible AMOLED and touch panel integration (specifically ITRI's FlexUP flexible substrate technology - which is owned by FlexUp, encapsulation technology and flexible touch sensor technology).

CPT aims to use these technologies to achieve flexible OLED mass production "as soon as possible". Earlier today we posted that ITRI is set to demonstrate a 7" Full-HD foldable AMOLED prototype soon. ITRI and CPT has been cooperating on flexible OLEDs since 2012.

ITRI and Orbotech to co-develop solutions for flexible OLED production

ITRI and Orbotech signed an agreement to jointly develop solutions for flexible display production. In the first stage, ITRI will use Orbotech's inspection technology to identify production bottlenecks in flexible AMOLED processes.

ITRI says that they are confident that flexible devices are the future of the display industry, and that flexible OLEDs will bring next generation form factors such as foldable tablets and wearable devices.

ITRI upgrades their Image Lighting technology

In April 2014 Taiwan's ITRI Institute developed a new technology that enables OLED lighting panels to be patterned with static grayscale images. The new technology is called Image Lighting and it be easily be fitted into a normal OLED production process.

ITRI Image Lighting 2015 prototype photo

Today ITRI sent us an update on that project. The researchers have been upgrading the process, and have now demonstrated a new panel prototype (which you can see above), that is 10x10 cm in size and has 220 grayscale levels (up from 200 a year ago).

ITRI to recruit OLED lighting engineers to help boost OLED lighting development in Taiwan

In July 2014, Taiwan launched the OLED Lighting Commercialization Alliance (OLCA), with an aim to make Taiwan an important OLED lighting player. The OLCA is headed by ITRI institute, and today we hear reports that ITRI is going to recruit OLED engineers to boost the development of OLED technologies.

ITRI will recruit engineers in device design, production management, evaporation process, packaging, lighting module/system and production equipment. The OLCA alliance include members such as Merck, RiT Display, WiseChip, Corning, Tongtai Machine & Tool and the TLFEA (Taiwan Lighting Fixture Export Association).

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