iSupply says the OLED displays for mobile phones (main displays) are expected to rise from 178m units in 2015 - up from 22.2m in 2009 (that's a factor of eight).

iSupply OLED mobile phone shipment forcast graphiSupply OLED mobile phone shipment forcast graph

And beyond the other allures offered by OLED, the technology is more environmentally sustainable compared to that of conventional LCDs.

OLEDs will still acount for a small part of the total market - only 6% in 2013.  iSupply says that the only factors limiting great penetratration is the limited number of suppliers and factories.

In an interesting note, iSupply says that the 2.6" OLED in the N85 costs 7.05$. An equivalent LCD would have cost 6.5$. That's only 8% more.

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