Researchers from Korea's Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) have managed to create OLEDs that feature a 60% increase in light extraction efficiency and a 15% wider viewing angles.

Firefly-inspired OLEDs image

To create these OLEDs, the scientists investigated the optical properties of the firefly's light-emitting cuticle which is patterned with tiny hierarchical structures. Out of all light-emitting animals, the firefly makes light in the most efficient way.

The researchers created OLEDs with similar structures, which substantially contributes to the efficient extraction and wide angular illumination. In this study, the researchers demonstrated that the asymmetric and hierarchical nature of the cuticle structures plays a key role in the light-emitting ability.

The researchers are seeking an industrial OLED partner to help commercialize this idea, and they will also continue to work on biologically-inspired photonics for engineering applications

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