OLED makers are using gold crystals to monitor and control the deposition of organic materials. Many OLED producers choose INFICON's crystals for this demanding task.

INFICON gold coated crystals photo

INFICON recently launched a new high-precision sensor crystal line that features improved activity stability, which leads to less activity dips and improved deposition rate stability.

To develop the new sensor crystal line, INFICON performed a detailed investigation into all components of crystal manufacturing and many process parameters including the shape and finish of the crystal, electrode thickness, electrode materials, and the coating rate of the electrode. The materials and process parameters were optimized by fabricating a wide variety of crystals, testing them, and analyzing the results thoroughly. INFICON is now producing the new crystals at its EDC plant, in Kansas, USA.

INFICON tested the new crystals and compared them to its competitor crystals, finding that the resistance of INFICON's crystal is lower, and the thermal shock is also significantly lower.

Read more about INFICON's new high precision sensor crystal line here. Contact the company directly here.



Always used Inficons QCM

reminds me of good old times in the OLED lab; used many of those crystals... 

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