IHS sees AMOLED shipments surging in 2017, fast growth throughout 2020

IHS says that AMOLED panel shipment will increase 63% in 2017, driven by strong demand from smartphone makers. Looking forward the AMOLED market will experience fast growth, as demand will rise for smartphones, TVs, VR HMDs and mobile PCs.

AMOLED shipment revenue forecast (2015-2021, IHS)

In 2017 the AMOLED market will reach $25.2 billion in revenues, up from about $15 billion in 2016. The OLED TV market will grow to 1.5 million units (up from from 890,000 units in 2016). Mobile display resolution continue to increase, and in 2017 68% of shipments will be of FHD, QHD and WQHD resolutions.

IHS sees the OLED panel market in 2021 generating $40 billion in revenues - that's a compound annual growth rate of 22%. By 2023, the OLED TV market will exceed 10 million units.

Posted: Jul 05,2017 by Ron Mertens