According to IHS, 79 million AMOLED displays shipped in Q3 2015 - which is a new record high. The revenues from those OLEDs reached $3.29 billion - also a record high. Q3 2015 shipments doubled that of Q3 2014, and rose 35% over Q2 2015. Most of these displays were, of course, produced by Samsung Display and ended up in smartphones.

Samsung Z3 photo

IHS says that the AMOLED displays accounts for 18% of the total mobile phone display market.




Too bad Samsung(in the picture) uses PWM for the brightness implementation in all their AMOLED displays. This causes migraines and eye fatigue.

I'm not sure why they use PWM as LG Flex 2 has an OLED display and doesn't use PWM for brightness and therefore is considered to be healthy for human vision.

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