IHS says that as production volumes of AMOLED panels increases the gap between OLEDs and LCDs narrow - in fact currently the price of a 5.5" HD AMOLED display ($12.1) is cheaper than an equivalent LTPS LCD ($12.2). The main cause of recent price reductions are lower depreciation costs and lower labor costs.

Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro photo

For higher-resolution displays, LCDs are still much cheaper than comparable OLEDs - IHS estimates that a 5.5" QHD LCD costs 30% less than a comparable AMOLED.



"deprecation costs"

I'm curious what "deprecation costs" are. Are those the costs of being considered obsolete or undesirable?

Patrick, that was a typo in

Patrick, that was a typo in my post, sorry. I meant depreciation of course...

The sourse is from DIGITIMES,

The sourse is from DIGITIMES, a Taiwan site. I can't find this news in IHS's offical website. Any one knows where it comes?