According to IHS, a 5" Full-HD AMOLED display now costs $14.3 (down from $17.1 in Q4 2015) - and now costs less than a similar LCD display ($14.7, down from $15.7 in Q4 2015). This is the first time an AMOLED costs less than an LCD.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge at MWC photo

IHS says that to make a 5" FHD LCD, the materials costs are $9.2 and non-material costs (including deprecation) s $5.4. For an AMOLED display, materials cost $7.2 and non material costs amount to $7.2.

While we're not sure if IHS is correct, AMOLED prices have been falling steadily. According to reports in December 2015, SDC did intend to lower its AMOLED prices to be more competitive than LCDs, but it's a bit strange they would price it below LCDs.

In any case, a 5" FHD AMOLED is not state-of-the-art. The 5.1" Super AMOLED used in the GS7 costs $55, according to IHS.

IHS explains that Samsung managed to lower the price because they enhanced their rate of operation (IHS says that SDC operates at 95% capacity now), increased their customers base - and some production line deprecation costs have ended.

Interestingly, in July 2014 DisplaySearch estimated that AMOLED prices will fall below LCD prices within 2 years - so perhaps they indeed got it right.




I was not expecting this at all! If the price continues to fall, OLED will surely displace LCD in many, many situations.  Vendors like Samsung will see an upsurge in demand for smartphone displays if the incredibly important aspect of price beats that of LCD. It's becoming hard to advocate for mobile LCD screens these days.

If OLEDs start to compete in power-efficiency for mostly-white screens, I expect most new smartphones will be bundled with OLED displays.

The advancement of the technology has been dizzying!


God damn it... GOOD news!

But still - how much longer do i have to wait to see 21:9 120hz large OLED monitors on the market?

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