IHS - 2015 will be a banner year for AMOLED, Apple may adopt OLED screens in future iPhones

A couple of weeks ago, IHS said that 79 million AMOLED displays shipped in Q3 2015 - a new record high. Today IHS released the following chart showing AMOLED (and other screen types) mobile phone shipments in 2015:

IHS smartphone panel shipments by tech (2015 Jan-Sep)

IHS says that 2015 will be a "banner year" for AMOLED as more and more display makers are adopting the new screen type in their high-end smartphones. In fact, IHS says that "The simpler structure and better picture performance of AMOLED screens may even encourage Apple to consider adopting the technology in the future".

IHS estimates that AMOLED display revenues reached $3.29 billion in Q3 2015 and the AMOLED displays accounts for 18% of the total mobile phone display market.

Posted: Dec 24,2015 by Ron Mertens