Ignis Innovation announced today that they developed and verified the second generation of the MaxLife driver IC - suitable for OLED TVs, monitors and tablets. Ignis wouldn't reveal the changes since Gen 1 - so it may be that the real issue here is support for larger displays.

The MaxLife driver enables AMOLED displays on a-Si, LTPS and Oxide-TFT backplanes. For LTPS and Oxide-TFTs, it offers better yields. For a-Si backplanes, it enables stable and high frame-rate displays.

MaxLife Driver key features, according to Ignis:

  • Corrects for aging and non-uniformity in both the backplane and the frontplane
  • Resolves image quality issues such as mura, image sticking, and color shift
  • Compatible with a-Si, LTPS and Oxide-TFT backplanes
  • Compatible with direct-emission, WOLED-CF, evaporated, printed and more frontplanes
  • Supports high resolutions, high frame rates, and 3D

Back in June 2011 Ignis announced that RiTDisplay is set to start mass producing 3.5" a-Si AMOLED panels based on their technology, but we haven't heard any updates since, and those panels aren't being produced yet.

Earlier in February we reported that Ignis posted two job openings for their OLED TV development group, and in the job description they mention that the group is "currently working on two AMOLED television designs, targeted for mass production in 2012". Ignis later withdrew those job openings, so we don't have any more info on that.

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