Update: It turns out that these displays aren't made by RitDisplay at all. Hopefully I'll be able to provide more information soon...

Since CMEL stopped producing AMOLEDs in 2009, it was impossible to get low-volume AMOLED as Samsung and LG will only ship to large-volume applications (mobile phones, cameras, etc). But today Densitron informed us that they started shipping new HVGA (320x480) 3.5" a-Si AMOLEDs panels.

Densitron says that the DLA320480AB035F module features 10,000:1 contrast ratio, near 180-degree viewing angle and a brightness of over 200 Candela. It uses Himax's HX5227-A AMOLED driver and includes a MIPI-DBI 8/16/24 bit MPU parallel interface. For applications where high quality video streaming is required, the 8/16/24 data line parallel video (RGB) interface option is available.

Densitron are also offering the V-DUO, an AMOLED evaluation kit which includes a standalone ARM-9 platform, easy software development (embedded Linux), video capture and playback capabilities, USB host & slave, HW accelerated video and micro-SD card support.

Densitron told me that these displays use Ignis Innovation's a-Si compensation technology. By using an a-Si backplane, these panels should be cheaper compared to panels made on LTPS or Oxide-TFT. At first I assumed that these displays were produced by RiTDisplay as Ignis and RiTdisplay have been showing similar displays back in 2011 (with plans to release towards the end of 2011, and then be the end of 2012). But apparently RiTDisplay aren't involved with those particular panels.

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