While we confirmed Apple's Watch uses a flexible AMOLED display back in September 2014, now we are set to get some more confirmations as Apple starts shipping their first wearable device. iFixit posted a tear-down of the Watch, in which they confirm it is an AMOLED panel.

Apple Watch photo

iFixit also finally details the Watch display resolution: the small editions use a 38mm display (272x340, 290 PPI) while the larger Watches use a 42 mm panel (312x390, 302 PPI). Those are flexible OLED panels produced by LG Display.



Thanks Ron :)

Social media and blogging is fantastic for sharing information.  Cheers to OLED fans and Universal Display longs.  Another piece of the OLED puzzle falls in place.

Not yet confirmed to be OLED

The ifixit teardown does not confirm that the watch uses an OLED display. In step 21 of the tear down article, it states:  "Analysts have anticipated that LG would be the supplier of the Apple Watch's Retina display, and our best guess is that Watch is sporting a Plastic AMOLED display made by LG."

I was really hoping that confirmation of the display type would come in this article, but it looks like ifixit is still only guessing. 

The best guess part refers to

The best guess part refers to the fact that LGD makes the display. In any case, no worries - on Monday you will get a better confirmation.

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