So the IFA 2013 event is now over - and there has been a lot of interesting OLED TVs on display, so I thought I'd post a short summary post. The most impressive OLED TV was probably LG's 77" curved UHD (4K) WRGB one. I don't think this huge OLED panel will enter production soon, but it was still an impressive feat and it's the world's largest OLED panel ever. LG also showed their new flat-panel Gallery OLED TV.

LG 77-inch curved OLED TV prototype

Samsung also unveiled 4K OLEDs - one curved and one flat. These were smaller at 55", and Samsung says this is just a "proof of concept". Samsung had curved LCDs on display as well, 55" and 65" in size and both offering 4K resolution. Sony also unveiled a curved LCD: the S990A curved LED-backlit LCD. Sony's panel is 65" in size and only offers Full-HD, but it is closer to market (they are accepting pre-orders now for $4,000) and it features the color-enhancing Triluminos display technology (QDVision's Quantum-Dot films).


Beside the Korean companies, there were three companies showing OLED TV panels. Panasonic showed the same 56" 4K printed OLED prototype shown at CES (they also had some OLED Lighting panels on display). Chinese makers Haier and Seiki showed OLED panels of their own, it's not clear who actually produced those panels (my bet is on LG Display).

Haier OLED TV prototype

Regarding smaller OLED panels, there were only two new OLED devices announced, both made by Samsung: the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. It's my guess that between the Note 3 and the GS4, Samsung Display's AMOLED production capacity is quite tight and the company no longer offers Super AMOLED panels to other companies (which is perhaps why Sony opted for an LCD in the Vita 2000).

Samsung Galaxy Gear

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