IDTechEx Research have recently revised its forecast for OLED displays - saying that glass-based OLEDs are not growing as fast as they expected (mostly because of Samsung's disappointing high-end AMOLED mobile phone sales) while the company is more optimistic regarding the flexible OLED market.

IdTechEx plastic AMOLED forecast chart (2016-2020)

IDTechEx sees the glass-based AMOLED display market reaching $22.7 billion in 2022. The company's earlier estimate was $28.2 billion in the same year. The flexible OLED market will grow from $1.5 billion in 2015 to almost $3 billion in 2016 and over $16 billion in 2020. Most of those panels will be used in mobile phones. Note that the chart above does not include all flexible OLED applications (for example automotive applications).

IDTechEx further forecasts that glass-based OLED prices will fall faster now that several China-based producers are ramping up AMOLED production. In fact IDTechEx sees a danger of OLED being commoditized fairly quickly (following the same pattern of what happened with LCD panels).

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