Idemitsu Kosan announced that LG's latest OLED TVs use the company's materials. Idemitsu and LG have a strategic OLED alliance in place since 2009, and the two companies signed a mutual-cooperation agreement and patent licensing in 2014.

LG 2016 OLED TV lineup

Earlier this month UBI estimated that Idemitsu Kosan's OLED material sales grew from around $50 million in 2014 to around $80 million in 2015. Idemitsu's OLED material shipment to LG are probably what's behind this large increase as LG is ramping up its OLED TV panel production

In early 2016 we posted an interview with Idemitsu Kosan's electronic material's chief.



Material Competition

So...what is the overlap if any between major OLED materials suppliers?  Universal Display has Material agreement with LPL to 2022 (21?).  Are we talking about Host vs. Emitters here?  Is Idemitsu supplying more host material this an analogue to Samsung's Cheil purchase that allow their own in house host material production?  Disclosure: Universal investor here.   

UDC is the only supplier of

UDC is the only supplier of phosphorescent red, green and yellow materials (LPL uses UDC's yellow in their OLED TVs). There are dozens of other materials that go into each display.. including fluorescent emitters (blue, in LG's case), host materials, HTL, ETL and more...


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