Idemitsu Kosan expands its OLED production capacity in Korea to meet the expected rise in demand

Japan-based OLED material maker Idemitsu Kosan announced that it has decided to expand the OLED material production capacity at it's Korean subsidiary Idemitsu Electronic Materials Korea. Idemitsu said that decision is a response to the expected increase in demand for OLED materials due to increased penetration of OLED displays.

IDEL Korean OLED plant photo

The Korean factory currently has a capacity of 5 tons per year, and this will be increased to 8 ton per year. Combined with its factory in Japan, Idemitsu total capacity will grow to 10 ton per year. The new capacity is expected to be online by the end of the first half of FY2017 (which means by September 2017).

Idemitsu also said it will install additional evaluation equipment in an OLED factory in Korea in order to strengthen it's ability to support its customers. The idea is that Idemitsu can now provide newly developed materials in a more rapid and effective manner directly to its customers. This is not the first time Idemitsu is installing evaluation equipment in the same factory.

Idemitsu is a large multinational Chemical company based in Japan that is supplying OLED materials for OLED producers. Idemitsu has OLED business units in Japan, Taiwan, Korea and China and is collaborating with UDC, LGD, AU Optronics, Doosan, Merck and others. We recently posted an interview with Idemitsu's electronics materials chief.

Posted: Dec 08,2016 by Ron Mertens