The Holst Center explains their flexible technologies in three short videos

The Holst Centre released a few nice videos, and I think they're worth a watch. First up is the one about their flexible OLED display research. Last year Holst and imec announced a new program to develop high resolution flexible OLED displays, with a focus on a mechanically flexible encapsulation film and TFT backplane, printed high-efficiency OLED and new materials and processes. The video below shows their first display (which was already unveiled last month):

In this new video you can see that the display is monochrome (red) and contains several defects.

The next video (above) explains about Holst's new Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition, which can be used to deposit OLEDs as well. The video below discusses the Holst's integration technologies for flexible and wearable systems. Holst's Ashok Sridhar mentions organic LEDs a couple of times but I think these are regular LEDS.

Posted: May 08,2013 by Ron Mertens


Yes, I did make a mistake at the beginning of the video titled 'Integration Technologies for Flexible Systems' - the stretchable lighting is indeed regular LED-based (thanks for pointing it out!). However, the example for textile integration is OLED-based.


Thanks for your comments. I'd be happy if you can share more info on the OLED based textile-integration, maybe you can contact me in private.