Hodogaya Promotes Its Transport Materials for The Novaled PIN OLED Structures

Hodogaya Chemical and Novaled have agreed to offer hole transport materials (HTM) for Novaled PIN-OLED structures. Hodogaya has exclusively developed specific HTM for Novaled fitting very well with the Novaled PIN OLED structures. As a first result Novaled is enhancing its material offer with an additional hole transport material called NHT18.

The new NHT18 has a similar behavior in OLEDs like NPB, but provides additional advantages to OLED manufacturers. For example, the Tg of NHT18 is above 130C and thus gives a high temperature stability in OLED devices. The current efficiency in today's fluorescent blue emitting PIN OLEDs is 10% higher.

Posted: Nov 14,2008 by Ron Mertens