LG Electronics already announced that it will air the company's first Super Bowl ad that features LG's OLED TV. The ad is produced by Ridley Scott's production company, RSA Films - and is directed by Jake Scott and features Liam Neeson. LG pre-released the ad today:

Ridley Scott says that "It’s a dynamic short film - It’s about the race to be on the vanguard of innovation and to be able to create tomorrow’s technology". Liam Neeson's character, the "man from the future" is tasked with releasing the future of television to the world for the masses to enjoy today, much like LG has continued to do through its pioneering innovation in the OLED TV category.

I have to say I was quite underwhelmed by this ad, and it seems that LG should direct its efforts to the technology and production of OLEDs rather than to ad production... but still it's good to see LG trying to get the message across a wide audience!