In 2014, Henkel signed a joint-development agreement with Vitriflex, a US start-up that has developed a patented cost-efficient process for high-volume flexible encapsulation film production. Today Henkel announced that it lead a new financing round in Vitriflex, "reaffirming Henkel's coommitment to next-gen display technologies".

Henkel flexible OLED concept image

Henkel says that since 2014 the company made "profound progress" toward an integrated barrier film product that delivers good adhesion to multiple substrates. This latest round will enable Vitriflex to continue development and "move towards" high volume manufacturing capability. In fact, Vitriflex hopes to have a commercial product ready to ship by the end of 2015.

Henkel intends to become a significant player in the display market. A couple of months ago, Henkel also stated that it identifies OLED lighting as an area of focus.