Haier announced that they will show curved OLED TVs at the CES 2014 event. The Chinese company will show two models, 55" and 65" in size. Both OLEDs will have a Full-HD resolution and not 4K.

Haier 55'' curved OLED TV prototype CES 2014 photo

I do not know who provides the panels for Haier, but it's highly likely that these are LGD WRGB panels. LGD is the only company that makes 65" OLEDs (unless Samsung will also reveal such OLEDs at CES, of course). LG Display is also providing OLED panels for China's Skyworth.

Last year, at the IFA 2013 exhibition, Haier showed a 55" flat OLED TV prototype. That TV was 4 mm thick and the bezel is only 1.5 mm. The TV had a built-in stand and a unique design:

Haier never disclosed any technical information about that flat OLED TV. We heard some reports from Korea that say that Haier actually obtained those panels without permission from a Korean maker - they simply bought OLED TVs in the open market, took them apart and then reassembled the OLED panels themselves into their own designs.

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