LG and Panasonic were not the only companies showcasing OLED TVs at CES. Chinese-based makers Haier, Changhong and Konka all showed new OLED TVs, and all of those TVs use 4K OLED panels supplied by LG Display.

Haier 55H9800 55-inch curved OLED at CES 2015

So first up we have Haier with their 55" Full-HD 55H9800. (shown above). This is a curved TV that has a super-thin metal frame that is only 1.5 mm thick.

Changhong 65Q2A at CES 2015 photoChanghong 65Q2A sign at CES 2015

Changhong announced two new 4K curved OLED TVs - the 55" 55Q2A and the 65" 65Q2A. This is an update to the company's Full-HD 55Q1A released in May 2014 in China. Changhong's Q2A OLED TVs are Android TVs (4.2 and feature Ciri Voice Control, Free-Share, face recognition and has an MHL port.

Konka 65-inch 65X90PU sign at CES 2015Konka 65-inch 65X90PU at CES 2015

Finally, we have Konka, with their 65" 65X90PU OLED TV. This Android (4.2/4.4) TV has a curved 65" 4K panel, and it features DVB-T, Multi-screen and USB 3.0.

Konka 65-inch 65X90PU demonstrated at CES 2015

I would like to thank my friend Sri Peruvemba from Marketer International for those photos!



new OLED TVs

Any idea where the "guts" of these TVs are?  Are they integrated into the TV or is a seperate box?  Seems like you lose some of the appeal of a super thin panel, if the componentry is still thick.  At least in the US, most if not all people who would buy a TV like this have a cable or satellite box anyway, so seperating the components into a seperate box would not be disadvantage.

and i would like to thank you

and i would like to thank you, and ask : any new 65" fhd oled tv ?

fhd? u for real ?

fhd? u for real ?

unless it costs 100$, should not be considered

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