Guangzhou New Vision Optoelectronics (NVO) developed a flexible 4.8" AMOLED display. This full-color panel is only 100 microns thick and weighs just one gram. This panel uses an Ln-IZO backplane and a Polyimide substrate.

Guangzhou New Vision Ln-IZO 4.8'' flexible AMOLED photo

NVO developed their own Ln-IZO (Lithium-Niobate Indium-Zinc-Oxide) technology and they say that that it performs better than IGZO as it has higher electron mobility and stability and it is easier to process.

NVO has a small pilot line capable of producing 5" to 7" Oxide-TFT AMOLED panels. They company was also chosen to suppliy Oxide-TFT backplane to AIV-BEX's ink-jet printed AMOLED.