Goto Denshi offers an OLED encapsulation patent portfolio for sale

Patent broker ICAP announced that on May 27 it will launch a new sale for an OLED IP package. This is an OLED patent portfolio developed by Japan's Goto Denshi that discloses a technique for OLED encapsulation. The portfolio includes 5 assets - 3 patents (in the US - patent #8,487,532, Russia and Japan) and 2 patent applications (In the US and Japan).

ICAP says that the patents describer a two-layer sealing technique which envelops an OLED display panel with an impermeable resin. ICAP says that this technology (which is applicable for both OLED display and lighting panels) not only provides a good barrier, but is also scalable to large screen sizes and mass production processes. The initial bidding guidance is low to mid 6 figures.

According to the patent, the OLED panel panel is covered by sealing the top and bottom, left and right, front and back, and the periphery of the panel. This may be achieved by dipping the substrate plate into the resin or printing the resin onto the substrate plate excluding the display part and light emitting part of the OLED panel. The device may be further provided with a sealing case installed facing the substrate plate. The substrate plate and the sealing case can be secured by providing an adhesive containing glass pieces in the gap between the substrate plate and the sealing case. The technique uses a transparent sealing material.

Posted: May 14,2014 by Ron Mertens