Google's chairman Eric Shcmidt told a reporter that Google plans to market a tablet "of the highest quality" in the next 6 months. It may be that Google is simply planning a "marketing push" for Android tablets, but it's more likely that Google will launch their own branded Tablet - just like the Nexus range of phones.

If indeed they plan a high-quality product, it's quite possible that it will have an AMOLED display. Google's entire Nexus range of phones had AMOLED displays - the 3.7" WVGA OLED of the Nexus One, the 4" WVGA Super AMOLED of the Nexus S and the 4.65" HD Super AMOLED (1280x720) of the Galaxy Nexus. Samsung are already producing 7.7" Super AMOLED Plus displays, as used in the upcoming Galaxy Tab 7.7.

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