LG Electronics announced that it is going to cooperate with Google in promoting its OLED TVs. LG will use YouTube and other Google tools to help increase OLED TV awareness, targeting the global high-end consumer market (estimated at around 100 million).

LG EG9600 photo

LGD aims to produce 600,000 OLED TVs in 2015 and 1.5 million in 2016. Some reports say that LG's OLED sales are lower than expected - which may explain why LG is attempting a global marketing push. LGE recently reduced $1,000 from its 2015-model UHD 55" curved OLED TV, but OLED prices are still considerably higher than competing LCD models.



Beside the price, one issue

Beside the price, one issue is the visible burn-in in the demo TV used in the store. I have heard this from few people (general customers) that they have seen burn-in. after asking the store admin, they were told OLED TVs burn if they are ON for long time.


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