Global OLED Technology logoGlobal OLED Technology (GOT) have won two key patent challenges in Europe (defending oppositions from Merck). GOT says this is significant for GOT and demonstrates that they will aggressively defend their patent rights throughout the world.

The first patent was EP 1730249, which details the use of certain anthracenes as non-emitting hosts in the light-emitting layers of OLED devices. The second patent is EP 1828342, which details the use of hole-transporting material adjacent to the phosphorescent light emitting layer. Both of these technologies enable high efficiency and long lifetime in OLEDs for both display and lighting applications.

GOT was established in December 2009 when LG bought Kodak's OLED business (in a deal that was estimated at $100 million). GOT owns more than two thousand OLED related patents, and licenses them to other companies. In 2010, Idemistu Kosan bought 32% of GOT.