The German government launched a new €34 million (about $44 million) two years project called OLYMP ("Organic Light-emitting sYstems based on energy and cost-efficient Materials and Processes") that aims to improve OLED lighting efficiency and lifetime. 

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The project partners are Osram (the project coordinator), Merck, BJB, LEDON, KG and Trilux. It follows a complete approach that covers all value-creation levels.



Project duration

The osram press release (

says, that the project runs until Sep 2015 only.

There was not much to be heard of OSRAM in respect of OLED-Lighting so far...maybe they wake up now. Speaking to a LED-specialist of OSRAM these days I was told OLED-lighting couldn't do anything LED would not also be capable of...

You're right about the

You're right about the project duration, I simply got confused.

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