Novaled, Fraunhofer IPMS and Optrex Europe developed a new, unique PMOLED driver. They have implemented an innovative MLA scheme called SELA (Summed Equiline Addressing). Basically, instead of driving using a single-line addressing scheme, the SELA allows parallel driving of multiple rows, thus preventing high current amplitudes.

Basically this means that we get higher lifetime, better resolution and better efficiency in the OLED display. The driver is specified for operations between -40°C and +125°C, exhibits an OLED drive voltage up to 25 V, and a column source current up to 2 mA. In particular the latter can currently not be fulfilled by any commercial available PM OLED driver.

In addition to the innovative addressing concept and the new OLED MLA driver, a high temperature stable and long-living orange emitting PIN OLED layer stack was developed by Novaled AG. In automotive applications high reliability at 85°C
operational temperature and highly stable brightness (often only 20% reduction over lifetime is allowed) is required. The newly developed OLED stack offers an operating lifetime of currently 5.300 hours at 85°C and 20% brightness drop at an initial brightness of 600 cd/m².

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