Samsung has officially launched the Galaxy Tab today - and it has a 7" TFT-LCD display. Even though we had rumors of a Super-AMOLED display for months, an LCD was expected. Like we posted earlier today: Samsung can't keep up with AMOLED production demand as it is, and there's no way they can use OLEDs in new devices.

Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy TabSamsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab

Beside the 7" TFT-LCD 9that has a 1024x600 resolution, by the way), the Tab runs Android 2.2 on a 1Ghz A9 processor, has 16/32GB of internal memory and a microSD slot, 1.3mp front camera and a 3mp rear camera, 3G for data and voice (but no earpiece - you have you use bluetooth or a speakerphone), Wi-Fi and Full-HD video playback.

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