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Lasers are utilized for numerous processes in flexible OLED production, just as they are in the manufacture of other display technologies. In fact, it can be reasonably claimed that lasers are a key enabling technology in the fabrication of modern, flat panel displays. And it’s likely that they will continue to perform essential fabrication steps as flexible and foldable displays become more commonplace.

There is a variety of processes within the flexible display production line where lasers have an essential contribution to enable high throughput, high yield mass production. Nowadays, the complexity of the displays is getting larger and the number and tasks of lasers within flexible OLED production is increasing.

For this reason, choosing the right laser really means choosing the right laser supplier. Manufacturers need a partner who has the specific technical and applications development resources to identify the best and most cost-effective solution. Coherent is that partner

The unparalleled breadth and depth of our product offering means that Coherent has the right laser technology for your specific application no matter what it is and where you are. Discover why flat panel manufacturers throughout the world rely on Coherent products to help cut cost, improve results, and maximize uptime. Come and leverage our worldwide applications labs and unmatched product portfolio.

Flexible OLED Process

Coherent Low Temperature Poly Silicon (LTPS) Annealing image

Low Temperature Poly Silicon (LTPS) Annealing

Laser annealing of amorphous poly silicon to create low temperature poly silicon(LTPS) is the foundation of any high-resolution display today. For highest electron mobilities and high-quality displays the annealing of large glass formats with very regular grain structures are required. Coherent supplies different LineBeam systems with UV laser lines lengths according to industrial panel sizes. Coherent lasers with the best UV energy stability, power scalability, and the matching LineBeam systems are the standard for industrial LTPS annealing today.

Laser Lift-Off (LLO)

Laser Lift-Off is a key technology for flexible OLED displays and the fact that it happens near the end of production, when most of the value has been built into the display, makes it critical to provide a reliable and stable system that delivers high uptime and maximum production yield. To avoid damages the UV wavelength is mandatory. Energy stability of the laser source in combination with the best-in-class UVblade optical systems are offering a wide process window to process large displays. The product line covers all display sizes from a single cell to a large substrate. Coherents Laser Lift-Off process is capable of processing state-of-the art and next generation flexible and foldable displays.

Coherent laser lift off process image

Cell and Polarizer Cutting

CO2 laser cell cut is the standard method in the FPD industry for high efficiency cutting of large display panels and polarizer films into individual device sizes. Excellent beam profiles, highly stable lasers, and the use of Q-Switch technology resulting in much shorter pulse duration are key to achieving a high- quality cut. Coherent CO2 lasers enable both half cut and through cut while avoiding damage to surrounding areas and layers below.

Coherent Cell and Polarizer Cutting photo

FlexOLED Shape and Hole Cutting

The increasing sophistication and functionality of handheld devices, together with the complex foldable shapes, can often translate into the need to produce rounded corners and other contours, and even cutouts, during the singulation process. The need for a narrow cutting kerf width (e.g. 25 μm) and a minimal process affected zone, have made laser cutting the only realistic option. High power, ultraviolet (UV) output, ultrashort pulse (USP) industrial lasers are the industry benchmark for FlexOLED shape and hole cutting.

Glass Cutting

A highly sophisticated glass cutting technique based on ultrashort pulse lasers delivers the results needed for the most demanding applications. The Coherent SmartCleave method specifically utilizes the unique characteristics of USP lasers. One of these is the so-called burst mode operation, where the laser delivers a rapid-fire series of pulses. Coherent has developed a small footprint, process optimized laser source. This laser provides sufficient output power at optimized costs to cut state-of-the art display glass and camera lenses.

Coherent Glass Cutting photo


The innovation in display technology is at an all-time high level and seeking for differentiation and diversification. Coherent supports display customers over the last decades with leading edge laser technologies to produce state-of-the-art displays. The ongoing innovations and increasing complexities of current OLED displays with new form-factors and materials like Ultra-Thin-Glass (UTG), polarizer-free OLED stacks, and larger display formats require next generations of laser sources and equipment.

On the other hand, emerging MicroLED display technology with known advantages are getting more attraction and become real in several products. Lasers are the key to success to cut production costs, increase throughput, and improve quality. As the leading supplier of laser sources and laser equipment for the entire display industry we offer solutions for LCD TFT panels, OLED’s, and the emerging MicroLED displays.

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Posted: Jul 19,2022 by Ron Mertens