It turns out that Futaba's booth at SID 2013 was quite interesting. The company showed off their transparent and flexible PMOLED panels, and they also show the new OLEDry-S desiccant. Check out this nice video tour of their booth:

The first item they show is the Lenovo S-800 that uses Futaba's 40% transmissive 2.4" QVGA (240x320) PMOLED panel. The S-800 was unveiled towards the end of 2010, and sadly it seems that it's the only device to use Futaba's transparent OLEDs.

Next on display are several curved flexible PMOLEDs (Futaba calls them film OLEDs). The company seems to be showing the same 3.5" (256x64) full-color flexible PMOLED prototype unveiled at CEATEC 2012. Some of the panels are touch (capacitive) ones. One cool prototype is a pen with a tiny flexible (curved) monochrome OLED.

Finally, Futaba is showing their new solvent-free liquid desiccant, the OLEDry-S, which can be used in flexible and transparent OLED panel production.

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