Fujifilm's GFX-50S is a high-end medium-format digital mirror-less camera, that sports a 51.4mp sensor (43.8x32.9 mm), Fujifilm's latest X-Processor Pro and a new GF lens mount. The GFX-50S has a 3.2" tilting LCD and a 1280x960 OLED microdisplay based EVF (probably MicroOLED's MDP-02). On the top of the camera there is an E Ink display that shows the camera settings and status in highly readable way.

Fujifilm GFX 50S photo

The GXF-50S is now shipping for $6,499 (body only). In October 2018 Fujifilm announced a rangefinder-version (GXF-50R).

OLED type: 

1280x960 OLED microdisplay

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