Finding an alternative for ITO as a transparent electrode is one of the major flexible OLED challenges. A few days ago, The Faunhofer Institute FEP demonstrated an OLED device that has a graphene electrode, developed as part of project GLADIATOR.

Graphene electrode for OLEDs image

The Fraunhofer developed the device in collaboration with Spain-based Graphenea, which supplied the CVD-produced monolayer graphene. Graphene-Info posted an interview with the project's coordinator who further explains the technology, why graphene is promising and what are the challenges that still has to be solved before graphene transparent electrodes can be commercialized.

Several companies are seeking an alternative to ITO as a transparent electrode for OLED panels - and graphene is one of several potential materials. FlexEnable (spun-off from Plastic Logic) is also researching the use of graphene as an electrode for displays.