The Faunhofer Institute FEP is going to demonstrate an OLED device that has a graphene electrode, developed as part of project GLADIATOR. The Fraunhofer developed the device in collaboration with Graphenea, which supplied the CVD-produced monolayer graphene.

Graphene electrode for OLEDs image

This first demonstrator is a small OLED device. The partners in this project now aim to create a larger-sized OLED with an active area of 42 cm2. They also plan to develop a fully-flexible transparent OLED, with an active area of 3 cm2.

Companies are seeking an alternative to ITO as a transparent electrode for OLED panels. Graphene is a potential material. FlexEnable (spun-off from Plastic Logic) is also researching the use of graphene as an electrode for displays.

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