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Ace OS
Virtual Reality, Random Thoughs

There is not a Virtual Reality News Site, Blog what have you, that to one degree or another hasn't become an all Oculus Rift all the time PR machine. These guys are good at ginning up interest, videos of kids playing the OR, Grannies playing the OR, Contests with large cash prizes, they are excellent marketers. A look at the comment boxes at the bottom of the stories suggest the snake in the garden for OR is the users frequent susceptabilty to Motion Sickness. I experienced this once when I took the Virtual Bobsled ride at the Olympic Village at Lake Placid. It used an LCD HMD that looking back had zero Tracking and motion blur like you were trapped in a Paint Mixer and by the time our "Team" reached the Finish Line we were throwing up in our mouths. In fairness the OR Team says that subsequent models will have reduced latency and both positional and directional tracking we'll see. What does the world want in an HMD? Yuval Boger of Sensics describes what he sees first. Then Ben Lang. Somewhere in the middle of these 2 guys personal concept of what a V/R Headset should be is where this is going (I hope). Boger has always maintained that this won't happen until eMagin can produce in quantity, that's the snake in eMagin's Garden.


and Ben Lang of Road to VR describes his views here.


And if you are so inclined take a look at the NVIDIA story Ron posted yesterday in which they take a run at an Immersive experience without the size and weight of the OR. It's just a prototype but it more the "look" of what consumers want IMO than bulkier occluded HMDs. It uses Sony OLED Hi-Res OLED displays. Somewhere in the middle of the OR and a Sensics zSight is where the first successful consumer HMD will come down, not with 2 out of 3 requirements but with all 3, lower relative cost, immersion and high resolution.




Ace OS
Jaron Lanier the "Father of Virtual Reality" on Youtube

does a short interview here a couple of years ago but what's interesting as he ticks off V/R applications, serious VR apps beyond gaming he pretty much recounts the areas where eMagin displays have played a part. Industry, e.g. Canon,  Sensics, Lincoln Electric, Military, e.g. Quantum, Cubic, Raytheon, Raydon, Rockwell, Medecine e.g. Nordic Neuro, Surgi-Vision, then VRET in treatment of phobias, PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury, Virtual Iraq, eMagin Z800. They are addressing all these markets but as always in stealth mode.


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