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New Cinema OLED EVF

Don posted on IV Board about a new OLED EVF for the Phantom Flex4 Digital Cinema Camera


I located the price but misplaced the link .  It runs $14,000 compared to the Red Bomb OLED EVF which runs $3,900.00 .   I could not find specs so it may have a higher quality display .

They also announced a LCOS EVF in April so I don't know if this is still on or if they decided to ditch it & go with OLED .









The Phantom Flex4 is a high

The Phantom Flex4 is a high speed camera - that's the main reason for the price discrepency.  Like popping a water balloon and wacthing it play back in slow motion.

Astrodesign (asia/japan based) is also in Santa Clara.




I guess it's worth the extra

I guess it's worth the extra money if that's important to your film !

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