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Roy Taylor "surprises" at VR World Congress

Roy Taylor recently tweeted :

"I will be giving the keynote and have surprises in store!"


Could one of these surprises be a VR headset based off of eMagin's Microdisplay Based Immersive Headset ?

January 06, 2016 eMagin Inks Licensing Agreement for Immersive Headset Intellectual Property

  • "with an undisclosed company."


At last years VR World Congress 2016 , Roy Taylor talked about The Race to Realism. @2:35 in this video he shows a slide with eMagin's prototype 2K x 2K per eye micro displays (he mistakenly calls this 4K per eye ) @ 120 hz .

Roy Taylor states :

"I cannot wait to share it with the world."

Note the TBC (To Be Confirmed) on the 2048 X 4096 resolution .


In this video published Aug 1 2016 , @ 3:00 Roy Taylor names eMagin as the company they are working with on a 4K headset :

Taylor: I love the hardware that’s out there. Without Oculus, I wouldn’t even be here. I completely applaud Palmer, Jason, Brendan and the team there. What they’ve done is fantastic. Yet as good as the headsets are, there’s a correlation between distance from the screen to the eye and the need for higher resolutions. We’ve worked with a company in New York called eMagin, which has a 4K headset, for a while. 4K close to your eye is really beautiful. I won’t take anything away from what Oculus and HTC have done, but the jump from current resolutions to 4K is really big. That will happen.


Then in this video published Sept 17, 2016 , @ 16:40 Roy Taylor speaking at D.I.C.E . Europe 2016 again states AMD is working with eMagin .

"We've been working for 18 months now with a company based out of New York called eMagin ... "

Also note eMagin is now named on the 2048 x 4096 resolution - previously TBC .


We will know one way or the other April 11-13


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