Universal Display to Showcase Novel PHOLED Materials SID 2006

Universal Display will unveil a new deep red PHOLED material system with excellent luminous efficiency, 15 candelas per Ampere (cd/A), that corresponds to 19% external quantum efficiency.
In addition, the Company is reporting advancements in device architecture designs that lead to significantly extended lifetimes.

The Company is also demonstrating novel device architectures that provide significant enhancements in color saturation. By comparison to yellow-green color in a standard bottom-emitting OLED structure, the same PHOLED material system offers a saturated green color, with CIE coordinates of (0.25, 0.72), in a cavity-tuned, top-emission structure. (In a bottom-emitting structure, this system offers luminous efficiency of 71 cd/A and 100,000 hours of operating lifetime at 1,000 cd/m(2).)
As will be reported, Universal Display has developed device architectures to improve the luminous efficiency of its sky blue PHOLED material by 50%, to 30 cd/A, with 100,000 hours of operating lifetime at 200 cd/m(2).

Dr. Anna Chwang will present advances in the development of a top-emitting, active-matrix OLED display built on flexible metal foil using the Company's proprietary OLED technologies. The 100 ppi QVGA OLED display is integrated onto a poly-silicon TFT backplane developed by Palo Alto Research Center (PARC).

Posted: Jun 06,2006 by Ron Mertens