Universal Display (UDC) logoUniversal Display Corporation today announced it has been awarded a $100,000 contract to provide the U.S. Department of Navy with a prototype communications device based on a full-color, AMOLED prototype built on metallic foil.

Under the terms of the contract, Universal Display will deliver an active-matrix PHOLED display prototype built on flexible metallic foil integrated into a wrist-worn wireless communication device. This prototype is enabled by the Company's proprietary PHOLED phosphorescent OLED, FOLED® flexible OLED and TOLED® top-emission OLED technologies. The display will be built on flexible metal foil to provide flexibility, light weight and ruggedness and will use poly-silicon backplane technology from Palo Alto Research Center (PARC). The prototype will then be integrated into a wrist-mounted wireless device by L-3 Communications Display Systems.

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