An explosion at LG Display's OLED TV factory in Paju killed two employees and injured four others (which are currently recovering). The explosion was caused by a Nitrogen gas leak, and LGD does not know the cause of the leak yet.

LG 55EA9800 OLED TV front photo

South Korea's labor ministry has ordered LGD to halt the operation in the production line while the investigation of the cause of the accident continues. LG Display offered an apology to the victims. This a tragic incident and we send our condolences to the families of those employees.

Back in 2012 a large explosion broke out at LG Chem's OLED production factory in Heungdeok District in Cheongju, North Chungcheong, Korea on August 24. One employee was killed and 14 others were injured.



I`M afraid Samsung who does

I`M afraid Samsung who does it , to cut down lg oleds production .

LG P8 factory is making LCD

LG P8 factory is making LCD TV's. LG M2 factory is making OLED TV's.Am I correct?

Actually I was wrong. M2 is

Actually I was wrong. M2 is not a factory, it is a production line.

But the M2 line is built inside the P9 factory at Paju. So that is good news for OLED TV's. Here are the links that state that:

LG Display Blog

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