The Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) in Korea has displayed 13 pieces of OLED lighting - some hese were the winners in an OLED lighting design contest, and some were designed by InnoDesign (from Korea):

ETRI OLED Lighting design 2009 photo

The lighting panels were co-developed by ETRI and Samsung Mobile Displays (SMD). The have 20,000 lifetime and are as bright as fluorescent lamps (and consume less than half the power). There were different sized panels shown, including 180x180mm and 150x150mm.



Panels were made by ETRI and SMD

There was one piece of lighting which is the winner of OLED lighting design contest sponsored by ETRI/KEIT/MKE. Panels(150x50 cm) were provided by SMD and the lighting was manufactured by Feelux.
There were also three pieces of lighting which were developed by ETRI and Inno design. In that case, panels(180x180, 150x100, and 150x50 cm) were provied by ETRI. As a matter of fact, the photo in this document shows the lighting developed by ETRI and Inno design.

In the previous comment, the

In the previous comment, the dimension of panel is not "cm" but "mm".

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