According to a story on ETNews, Samsung aims to use a full-screen display in its next flagship phone, the Galaxy S8. To achieve such a display, Samsung is using a flexible AMOLED that is wrapped around all four sides of the phone (unlike its current edge phones that are cured on two edges only).

SDC M8 vs M7 OLED materials recipe comparison

ETNews also says that SDC is set to update its OLED material recipe. The so-called M7 iteration was used in the Galaxy Note 5, the GS7 and the Note 7. But now Samsung is updating its recipe to M8. You can see the different suppliers in the chart above. Most materials are sourced from the same supplier, but of course the suppliers are offering newer, updated materials and Samsung may switch to those.

Samsung's purpose behind this new recipe may be either to achieve a better performing display (color purity, brightness and/or power efficiency) - or to make it cheaper. I would assume Samsung will want to restore its public image following the Note 7 issues - so I would guess this new recipe will offer an upgraded performance.

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