ETNews: Samsung did not update its OLED material stack for the Galaxy S22 series

According to reports from Korea, Samsung decided to use the same OLED material stack (the so-called M11 stack) in its Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone (the M11 was used in the S21 Ultra phone). The lower-end Galaxy S21 still uses the M10 stack, same as in the S20.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra photo

The lower-end model did get an update - the S22 Plus has been upgraded to the M11 stack (the S21 Plus used the M10 stack).

ETNews speculates that Samsung kept the same stack as it tries to control costs in order to keep phone prices down to increase market share. This is the first time that Samsung does not upgrade its OLED material stack in its flagship phones since the Galaxy S10 (2019). ETNews says that Samsung Display is planning to adopt a new stack (M12) for Apple's iPhone 14 and for Samsung Electronics 2022 foldable phone models.

This is not good news for material suppliers, as new materials carry a higher price (this is especially true for UDC which gives volume discounts on materials, and these do not carry over to new materials).

Posted: Feb 23,2022 by Ron Mertens